Sunday, March 11, 2012

a Lenten reflection from Cambodia

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Two weeks into Lent, I'm still reflecting on the encouragement and hope I feel from the Ash Wednesday reminder that our lives belong to a story richer, deeper, and longer than our brief life’s span*. After a hectic month in January of running up and down the country to visit project groups, I spent most of February in the city doing various forms of report writing. When I get caught-up in these day to day or even annual tasks, I sometimes feel bogged down. It is helpful at these times to take time to reflect. I'm really proud of our team and the 2011 accomplishment that Mr. Thy summarized. This season of the church is also a reminder to me that the little that we each do in this life is a part of God's great love and work through humanity. We are part of a story that is greater than any of us individually. This brings me hope.

In our March staff meeting devotions we reflected on Zacchaeus and how Jesus took time to focus on one person in the midst of the crowd, and Zacchaeus was transformed. So, in the midst of this great and cosmic story, I offer you three individual stories of transformation written by Amanda King about different people who have been engaged with our CHAD program. I cried when I read them, and I'm here to witness first-hand. Please take time to read about how a woman got a life-saving heart surgery with the help of a determined church family, how another woman is overcoming disability through a cow loan, and how an agricultural loan helped to reunite a man with his family.

Additionally, Mrs. Sophal, a health program staff with the CHAD program, shared with me this testimonial about her own life that was included in a Lenten devotional called Sponge Searching for Water prepared by our friends in Louisiana.

Thank you for being part of my story through your friendship, prayers and support. I'm inspired by what we can do together.

In peace, Katherine

*thanks to my friends Dan and Courtney Randal for this reflection.