Friday, October 19, 2007


Lots of wonderful and exciting changes have been happening in my life.

On October 6 I celebrated the 90th birthday of my Grandma Janet (actual date October 13) with our extended family. I also celebrated the marriage of my good friends Brian & Erin. On the 7th, I was commended by my home congregation, Mt. Tamalpais UMC, to the General Board of Global Ministries of the UMC, and then celebrated the 80th birthday of my Grandma Gretchen and met my newest cousin. We also celebrated my sister Janet's 19th birthday (on October 8th).

On October 9th I was commissioned as a Global Missionary (standard support) of the General Board of Global Ministries (GBGM) of the United Methodist Church. I have been assigned as the Agriculture & Community Development Adviser for the Methodist Mission in Cambodia. I hope to move to Cambodia in January 2008 and begin language study.

On the 10th I turned 30!

Today I presented my research proposal to my supervisory committee and the graduate committee of the Department of Biological Sciences, California State University Sacramento, and was approved to advance to candidacy. There are a few corrections to be made in my proposal and some more paperwork to follow through on, but I am excited to be moving forward and to have the approval to proceed with writing my thesis.