Friday, April 30, 2010

April Updates

April was a relatively slow month.
On the first of April I met with my friend Lynn who has been working with Gui tribe in Kampong Thom and in particular with one of our pastors there. She was interested in some resources for community needs appraisal which I provided, but I got to learn more about the storytelling method that she and her husband are using and I'm excited to try and implement some of these ideas when I start revising our curriculum. And on Friday the 2nd we saw Daneth off at the airport as she left for a 9 month study program at the Asian Rural Institute in Japan. Friday and Saturday, I also spent in Kampong Spue continuing the LSCC workshops.

On Easter Sunday I was joined by visitors Mellisa and Karen at the international worship service and we had lunch with my housemate Heng. Monday was the final push to prepare for the UMCOR Emergency Response workshop, picking up supplies, translating documents, etc. Mellisa facilitated the workshop along with a trainer from World Vision Tuesday through Thursday.

I had a fight with the bank (which I sort of won) and met again with the auditor. Language lessons seemed to get canceled for most of February and March, so it was good to start meeting regularly with Chantouen again.

My housemate Heng invited me to her hometown for Khmer New Year, but I came down with something just before and spent the holiday resting at home. Daneth and Ady's father died and so Daneth came back from Japan to help the family put things in order and I went to join 2 of the ceremonies.

The third week also continued slowly with a variety of office work, dominated by catching up with correspondence and reports, a visit from our friend Beverly from Louisiana, sending various people to the hospital, and planning for more visitors coming in May and June. I updated my to do list and tried to tackle some of those things that keep getting pushed to the bottom and catch up with a 3 months of back-logged financial reports for 2010.

On Monday of the fourth week all of the GBGM missionaries and staff got together for a meeting and fellowship. I have really missed this, it seems like at least a year since we all got together. Tuesday and Wednesday I was back in Kampong Speu continuing the Theology of Development and Thursday was another LSCC workshop. And then the month was over.