Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas greetings from Cambodia

Merry Christmas friends!

This is not a traditional holiday season in Cambodia, but I have been enjoying a few gatherings around Phnom Penh in preparation for Christmas including lessons and carols last night.

It is however, the rice harvesting season. Tomorrow I will head up to Kampong Thom, a region that was hit hard by the storms this season and lost much of its crop for this year. The Methodist Church is involved, together with many others, to continue to distribute rice to those affected. Alongside this, the CHAD program continues to work for increased food-security through the formation of cooperative rice banks. I will get to celebrate with the formation of two new groups in the Kampong Thom region.

My hope is renewed by the promise of Emmanuel, that God is and will be with us as we work with each other.

peace, Katherine