Monday, March 29, 2010

March Updates

March continued to be dominated by various workshops. The first week of the month is scheduled as office time, but I still sliped away for an LSCC workshop in Kampong Speu on Tuesday, but got back in time to meet with the auditor that evening. Wednesday I finally got the financial report off to Finland (although it still needs some work). I was also asked to take over coordination of an Emergency Response workshop that the Cabinet had requested UMCOR to provide. Thursday we had our monthly staff meeting.
Saturday the 6th, Sunday and Tuesday I continued LSCC workshops in Kampong Speu and Kampong Chhnang. Monday the 8th was International Women's Day and the office was closed, so I'm fairly certain I spent the whole day sleeping. I love facilitating workshops in the villages, but the driving is quite draining for me. Thursday through Saturday I attended a workshop on coaching, which has provided a really helpful framework for me in how to work to empower our SCC pastors and churches. I was really excited both by what I learned and with the people I got to meet. I also reconnected with some folks that I met last year in another training program on Wednesday and some of them joined the coaching training also.
I slipped out of the training on Thursday afternoon to attend the Cabinet meeting with the CHAD team where we presented some of the ideas from the Social Concerns Committee about how to organize the Emergency Health Care Funds. This needs some more follow-up including a formal written proposal. And Sunday I headed back up to Kampong Chhnang to continue LSCC workshop there.
During the third week I started preparing for the UMCOR Emergency Response workshop (budget prep, roster, etc.). I continued the Theology of Development training with pastors in Kampong Speu on Wednesday and Thursday and LSCC on Friday.
The last week I tried to block out a few days to keep working on my Thesis, but also met with two missionaries from Singapore. We talked about how the CHAD micro-enterprise projects are going and about potential funding for the women at Emmaus and about some of the challenges with the huge amount of staff support needed to run micro-finance within the church and how we could better partner on this. Finally on Sunday I went to Kampong Chhnang for an LSCC workshop and also had a farewell party for Daneth who left to study at ARI in Japan at the end of the month. We got involved with a mother whose daughter went to Malaysia to work and is having difficulty coming home.