Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Strategic Planning

The Community Health and Agriculture Development program is richly blessed to be supported by so many people from around the world. Our staff of four people is made up of four different nationalities (Zimbabwe, Philippines, Cambodia and USA). In addition, we work with volunteer-in-mission teams from Malaysia, Singapore, and the USA. (And I'm not sure I can count all of the nationalities of the other missionaries and volunteer teams that work with other parts of the church.) For other partnerships, about 1/3 of our program funding comes from the 1000 member Methodist Church in Finland.

We appreciate not only their financial and prayer support, but also their support for planning. We have been working closely with our contact in Finland, Catarina, to develop a 3-year strategic plan for our program. Here is a summary of our vision, mission, goals and focus that have come out of that work. The activity plan is too detailed to post.

It has been a great exercise for our team, which has just doubled in size with the addition of Ken Cruz and myself as new missionaries. As a team with a diverse range of experiences, world views and thinking, this has been an important step as we learn how to work together to better serve the people of Cambodia.

CHAD Strategic Plan 2008-2010


Methodist Mission in Cambodia (MMC) churches engaging communities to experience wholeness of life as they witness to the transforming power of living the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Working within the Methodist Mission in Cambodia, CHAD seeks to share the love of God known through Jesus Christ in ways that create trust, hope and wholeness of life—physically, socially and spiritually.


Improved health and well-being of individuals, families and rural communities where the Methodist Mission in Cambodia works.

Strategic Focus

1. Empower churches with capacities and resources for leadership development of pastors and laity for wholistic ministry;

2. Empower communities through formation of community-based self-sustaining development groups in health, agriculture and livelihood;

3. Extend strategic linkages/partnerships of CHAD through formation of formal and non-formal partnership agreements and consitituency development through UMVIM (United Methodist Volunteer in Mission) teams;

4. Enhance internal organizational capacity by building and nurturing a strong, committed and God centered team and improving leadership, governance and accountability at all levels.