Monday, February 11, 2008

First Week in Cambodia

I arrived safe and sound in Phnom Penh during the Lunar New Year celebration, which was going on everywhere, including at the Independence Monument just one block from my hotel. The dragon dancers came to my hotel on Sunday.

Almost immediately, I was plunged into a workshop about the organization and direction of CHAD (Community Health & Agriculture Development), where I will work as an Agriculture Development Advisor. We had 31 participants including District Superintendents and pastors (top) who are members of the Social Concerns Committee.

My first week, I also headed to the rural countryside. Here's a church in the Kampong Chhnang Provence with a well and hand pump in front, reminding me of my time in Ghana where I tested well water. I've brought my water testing mobile lab with me to continue that work here.

Rev. Ean Houn (left) invited us for lunch in the cool breeze of his traditional stilt house.

We visited the church of Pastor Soeung Sopenh and saw the new cement bio-gas system that he and one of his church members had just built.

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