Wednesday, September 07, 2011

3rd Mission Conference Session of the Methodist Church in Cambodia

August is "Annual Conference" season in Cambodia. In the Methodist tradition we gather all together once a year to share (report) on how it has been going, to think together about the future, to worship and praise together, and to recognize new leaders in the church through ordination.

This year I was honored to serve again as the recording secretary for English language during conference session and also to compile all of the reports for the Conference Journal. The bulk of the work for the Journal fell to the CHAD office staff, Vannak, who spent the entirety of August (including several weekends) translating reports. My work was really only a week or two of getting all the formatting adjusted, margins set, headers and footers and descriptors, etc. laid out for the 180 page book. It involved two all night sessions this year making last minute corrections and I still managed to not get the corrections to the BOOM report into the early edition printed for the pre-conference meetings. Daneth, another CHAD staff, was instrumental in helping me make it through these all-nighters (Daneth also helped with translation of some of the reports). She stayed up with me one night to help with Khmer language editing and she made important negotiations with the printer to give us as much editing time as possible. Daneth put in another late night translating one more report for the post-conference meeting yesterday.

I really appreicate these two young ladies for their commitment to this conference and the overtime they put in to give us this wonderful collection of reports to help folks share with each other about the way God is working through the church in Cambodia.